Please take a moment to view some of my Mechanical Wonders.

1/12 Scale  Wood Lathe Kit                                Wood Lathe Compared  To One Penney        1/12 Scale Wood lathe 5" Long4" High

Kanchana & Gary Barnes Grand Canyon     Kanchana & Gary Arizona Desert                  Kanchana & Gary Road Trip

 William Hynes Engineering Award                Awarded  To  Gary Barnes  2015                     Gary Barnes Pointing To 2015 Award

1/12 Scale Wood Lathe Ready For Paint       Finished 1/12 Scale Wood Lathe                      Steampunk Race Car 26" long

           Steampunk Race Car   26" Long                          Copper Steampunk Boat Trailer                       Steampunk Race Boat On Trailer

Chris Craft  63 Foot Motor Yacht                    Raido Control 40" Motor Yacht

               Steampunk  Rocket   

     40" Long Live Steam Launch                             Steam Launch  Scratch Built

           Live Steam Cheader Boiler

                     Steam Launch                                        Spreckles Lake Golden Gate Park

  Open  Hull  40 " Steam Launch 

 Scratch Built Salvage  Tug Boat                      K&G  American Hot Rod Series 

          K&G Salvage Barge

K&G  Hot Rod Series  Tether Cars

K&G Hot Rod Series  Tether Cars

4140 Chromoly  Steel Pan Handle

K&G Hot Rod Series Tether Car

K&G Hot Rod Series Roadsters                       BB Korn  Tether Car Casting Kit

 Cheader  Steam Engine And Boiler                  Scratch Built 40" Long Steam Launch

 "King Car" Aluminum Casting Kit

"King Car"  Tether Car Built From Kit            "King Car Build Time  200 Hours 

 Siemens Bullet Train Model Repaint

       Hand Made Brass Gear Box                    Brass Gear Box In New Launch Project 

   1/12 Sacle   1890's  Table Saw

WW II Japanese Binocular Seights

Hand Made tools 1/12 scale for Machine Shop Project. These originals will be cast in Pewter. The coin in the center is a Dime.

Next project 1890"s  Drill Press

Clean look work bench with pewter tools painted 

Knight Foundry dirtywork bench